Thursday, August 6, 2009

Sample Work Employment Contract

Dear Miss Yeye,

This letter should serve as a confirmation of the terms and conditions to provide your services as Architect for RedChief Builders, Inc.

• You shall have an open-ended contract providing service for the project "Greenpeace Twin Towers" commencing on May 20, 2010. RedChief Builders may also terminate the contract prematurely at its sole discretion with a notic of three (3) calendar days.

• You are to render blueprints and floorplans to be delivered as Autocad files. Upon approval of the initial designs, you shall work on a final sketch of the blueprints to be delivered in the same manner, 3 days after the initial approval.

• Compensation: Initially, you shall be under a trial period wherein you will be asked to make two to four sketches at $1500 per floor plan. Should you pass our standards, you will be given a professional fee of $2,500 for the rest of the project. It is understood that this engagement operates on a per output basis. Payment will be made within (3) days after you submit your invoice to us. The company shall make the required tax witholding deductions mandated by law.

• You are retained as Architect for this project and will be entitled to any benefits provided to regular employees (Insurance, Holiday pay, Overtime pay, Health Coverage, Sick and Vacation Leave Pays, etc).

• Confidentiality: Employee shall not disclose or reveal any confidential information to any third party whatsoever or use the same in any manner except in connection with the business of RedChief Builders, Inc. Upon termination of services with RedChief Builders, Inc. the employee shall return all documents, papers, data in any form relating to RedChief Builders, Inc. together with any copies thereof.

Please send us a countersigned copy of this letter and fax it back to us at 555-5555.

Accepted & Acknowledged by:

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