Friday, August 7, 2009

A Dad's Christmas Letter to a Teenage Daughter

Dear Amis,

I miss you my sweet bobcat, I hope you enjoyed your presents, but like always I have some things in mind. Some little nuggets of wisdom for the season:

Learn to share.
I know sharing is hard to do with your sister.
She looks up to you and will always want something that you have.
It only proves how cool you are to her. I hope you find it in your heart to see how much your baby sister loves you.

Start the New Year right.
You know what I mean, love. Learn to believe in yourself more. I do. I know you're growing up real fast. Trust me, when I tell you that things will only get better as you age especially when you try to overcome a lot of things on your own. Be generous in spirit and God will bless you all the more.

Know what matters most- family and then friends
Listen to your mother, keep her close. She has so much love for you girls. Friends will come and go throughout your lives. Some will be very loyal and almost like family. But right now, you must understand the importance of your mother, not everyone is lucky enough to have a mom as special as her.

Okay, I guess this is quite a lot to take in. So I'll leave things be, till I get home. I may live far away from you now, but my heart is with you girls... everyday. I will see you soon as promised.

Merry Christmas!


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