Friday, October 2, 2009

Letter Asking Client to Pay Up

Hello Mr. Abernathy,

How are you? Are you back in Dunsville?

I would like to ask if it would be possible to receive the payment for the print project anytime soon?

My Account Details are as follows:
Savers Bank
Account Number: 555-675-555-555

Please let me know any updates. I'm very much open to other projects you may have.

Hope you are well.


Letter to Friend: The Secret's Out

A letter to your bestfriend about a secret revelation

Dear Dave,

The news is out. Everyone knows. Lest we be dodging bullets. I’ll be on vacation for about 3 days. I’ll be back and ready to rock in a couple of weeks.

See you in Mexico!


Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Thank You Letter and Invitation with Reminders to Guests Attending

A sample event letter with strict reminders to guests of what to wear and what not to bring to the party.

To All Members,

On behalf of everyone involved in "The Charity Benefit for the Homeless", we wish to express our sincerest thanks to the members of the Party league, the local press, officers of Norfolk and the eager public who joined us in the successful 20th Charity Marathon.

To the rest who will come and taste the best in Norfolk cuisine hosted by the Mayor's Charity Gala Night, we give the following reminder:

• The event is strictly Black Tie
• No Pets allowed
• No minors
• Guests must invite a dinner date

For further inquiries, please feel free to call at 355-26571. Please RSVP.

Thank you very much

Milton Sturges
Event Planner

Announcement Letter Currently Undergoing Maintenance

A letter you can post on flyers outside the store in line with emergency repairs or unfortunate circumstances in the establishments.

Dear Valued Customer and Patrons,

Please be informed that our stores The Sauerkraut Deli and Yo Jimbos Coffeeshop are currently undergoing maintenance. Business will resume in a few hours.

For refunds on certain purchases, please call our hotline 1-800-1992

Thank you for your understanding.


Recruitment Letter Seeking Interns

A sample job offer letter for interns

Dear Trainees,

Our new Principal is a financial trading firm looking for new members.

If you have 20 free hours in a week, basic computer experience in MS Excel and Spreadsheets and a knack for phone sales. This is your chance to commence internship for a Fortune 500 company. If you are interested in our offer, contact us by e-mail and we will send you all the required information.

Kindest regards,
Recruitment Firm

Letter Asking Favor to Answer Survey Form

A letter asking friend to fill out a survey form regarding a project

Hello Susie,

I am in the final stages of completing the line up for our fall fashion preview which we will go to press on Monday.

I would like to ask a small favor, if you could take a look at the collection and afterwards, fill out a short survey I have prepared about the collection. You know how much your opinion matters to me, I really value what you have to say.

The survey will be available sometime tonight. I will send you an email with instructions. I just need the survey back by 5pm tomorrow.

Let me know if you can, your feedback would be much much appreciated. Please keep all missives and files confidential. The launch is next week at the Tent.


Sample Letter of Intent

A generic Sample Letter of Intent for a variety of purposes. Please feel free to customize the letter accordingly with your needs. May it be a Letter of Intent for an Application to a job or scholarship. Or a Letter of Intent for a Bidding or Contract, hope you find this useful as a letter template.

Dear Sir,

This is to formally express my intent to file for [Insert Intention or Purpose] on [Date].

This is in line with your prior announcement on [Subject/Topic for Intent]

I would like to state the following reasons as part of my application:
• Reason 1
• Intention 2
• Purpose 3

Furthermore, I would like the opportunity to discuss this matter in person. I can be reached at 355-20081 or via email

I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you very much

Tennessee Moore

Sample Paternity Leave Letter for Adoption of a Child

A sample paternity leave letter informing your employer that you are adopting a child overseas and legal matters involving adoption will require you to take a valid leave of absence.

Dear Human Resources Manager,

This is to inform you of my intention to a 2 week paternity leave as of March 1 2010, due to the official adoption date of our child.

I am leaving the country with my wife to complete the necessary documentation and representation needed in order to legally adopt our son from foster care in the Philippines. We are welcoming Nathan, a special needs child into our lives. The next few days are very important to my family. I intend to return on March 15, 2010.

Attached are documents finalizing our upcoming adoption day. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Kind Regards,
Richard Perkins

Sample Letter Reply to Personals Ad

Seek love online with this sample letter, a casual way to say hello without sounding so desperate, but rather sexy.

Dear Bruno,

My Name is Cynthia Edmonds. I am of average height and fair in complexion. I am a loving, romantic and caring angel. I am a Virgo. I came across your personals ad on and I really like your profile photo. You come off quite charming and cute. Hope we could be online pals.

I have something special I want to discuss with you, you may reach me at or skype cynthlove.

I will send my beautiful pictures to you and also tell you more about myself. Remember distance or color does not matter, but love matter's alot. I will be waiting for your mail.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Letter Consoling the Sick: Expressing Support and Concern During Time of Illness

For family or friends who are ill or anticipating a loss it is important to show your concern even through a letter. But what does one say to a person who is terminally ill?

Remember the most important thing to express is your support, this will help create a sense of comfort for your loved one. But writing such a personal note can prove to be difficult. But if you write from your heart, you will always find the right words. One tip in writing such a letter is to reflect not on the disease, but to evoke good memories, good times with your loved ones and the little things you could do for them.

Dear Abby,

I've known your mother since you were little and I know you don't remember my visits back then. But when you were very young, you used to let me be part of your garden tea party. I would sit with you for hours. As your mother went out for groceries, she would come back and still find us playing with your doll- Mathilde and her animal friends. I remember those afternoons clearly, you were 3 and a very happy child.

It has been years now and I know what you're going through is truly difficult. But your mother has always told me of her brave little girl with a good heart and strong spirit. I would love to visit you soon, maybe not for tea now, but for a cup of coffee. If you'll have me. We can talk more.

Abby, my sweet child, you are not alone, I'm here for you and your mother.

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in Him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit."
Romans 15:13

I'm bringing over some lemon pie and that new book series about teen vampires your mother told me you really like. See you soon.

All my Love,

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sample Marketing and Sales Letter for Software and Technology Company

Dear Sir,

I am very heartened to inform you that I have been researching about the technology profile of your organization and believe that there might be some synergy between our organizations to work together and for us to provide our backend support.

Media Shift LLC is a leading end-to-end custom application development and Web solutions provider, having an extensive experience in developing Web based and stand alone software and applications, varying from enterprise level application development for the organizations like Microsoft (We are Microsoft Gold certified partners 2008). Business applications and product development for mid market organizations across the globe. Developing websites and web applications for various small IT/Web Solutions companies across Europe , US Africa and Asia Pacific.

We would be happy to align ourselves to the following types of requirements from our clients:
• Web Applications Development 
• Website Design 
• Portals Development 
• Website / Training Content Development 
• Customized E-commerce Integration 
• Website Maintaince 
• Training & Consulting
• Implementations Consulting 
• Remote Infrastructure Management Systems

We have now grown to accommodate more than seven hundred software development personnel (General qualification like Bachelors of Engineering, Masters Of Technology & Bachelors of Technology and Masters in Computer Applications and Bachelors in Computer Applications ) and in our drive to demonstrate the high standards to which we work, the facility became ISO 9001:2000.

We would be keen to explore the possibilities of working for your company to provide technology development services and your own extended teams working from our development centre to add value to your existing line of business.

I very much look forward to speak to you, please advice me a suitable time for a telecon to further understand the business model and milieu of the organization to replicate what we have already achieved for organizations like yourselves.

Warm Regards,
Chad Benett

Real Estate Sales Letter to Client: Sample Computation of Floor Area

Here's a sample real estate proposal letter offering the sale of a condo unit. This is a good follow-up letter to a client after an event such as a mixer, product launch or gala.

Dear Mrs. Baudelaire,

I'm so glad to have met you at last Monday's Real Estate Mixer. As promised, here is a brief sample computation of a one bedroom unit that we've talked about. Other charges such as registration fees, transfer tax, documentary fees, notarial fees and others are not yet included in this sample.

1 BR Flat Unit
Floor Area: 30 sq.m.
Total Selling Price: $1,500,000
Reservation: $10,000
10% Spot Downpayment: $500,000
10%, 6 months, $10,000
80% Balance: $600,000

Monthly Amortization through:
5 yrs. Bank Financing: $10,000
10 yrs. Bank Financing: $10,000

I hope this is useful for your decision making. As a Licensed Real Estate Broker, it is also my obligation to provide after-sales services to my clients.

Please send me a reply through this email or text at my mobile phone number below.


Request Letter for Transfer of Real Estate Unit

A request letter to a real estate developer asking for a transfer to a different unit after the deed of sale and other contracts have been met.

Dear Sir,

I'm Ruffa Siberling and I bought one of your Oak Tower studio units through Cheng Robbins, a licensed real-estate broker from FastLane Realtors.

My fiance and I are interested in a ready-for-occupancy 2 bedroom unit in one of your Mayfair Towers project, we would like to ask if it is possible to get a transfer. We would like to exchange our newly-bought Oak Tower studio for a 2 bedroom unit at Mayfair. The deed of sale, contracts and other financial statements are available through our broker for your review.

At the time we bought the studio unit at Oak Towers, it really suited our lifestyle needs as a couple. But now we are expecting twins this June and we really need more space to accomodate our growing family. Also this new address is in close proximity to my fiance's office, the community daycare and hospital.

I am kindly hoping that you would consider our request or maybe even come into an arrangement under your terms. In any case, if you would allow us to move in to Mayfair Projects that would be lovely. Let me know when can discuss matters further I can be reached at 557-8873-9231 or I could have Cheng our broker arrange the meeting. Please let me know the soonest.


Monday, September 28, 2009

Sample Inquiry Letter for Research Referral

A Sample Letter from a student asking a professor for Research assistance or a contact referral.

Dear Ms. Constance T. Nople,

I am applying for a Fulbright scholarship, and I am interested in doing research about child labor among the Hmong People in Laos and Myanmar. Can you recommend any Non-profit organizations with relevant data from any of these countries?

I would like to research more about human trafficking issues, with special attention to the stories of minors and women.

I would be grateful for any help or guidance you can give me.

Thanks so much for your time.

Isabel Tan-Bull