Thursday, September 10, 2009

Official Job Offer Letter for Position

A letter informing the candidate that she has been chosen for the job.

Dear Miss Bancroft,

I’m pleased to inform you that our board has selected you as the best qualified candidate to serve on our community advisory board. You have an excellent background on community building and team management, plus hands-on experience on organizing successful fundraisers.

Please let me know prior to September 20, 2010 if you are accepting our official offer. There will be a board meeting on September 25, 2010, where you shall be sworn into service.

I hope you’ll agree to serve.

Thank you very much

Truly Yours,
Montgomery Rowan

Letter Informing Clients of New Business Location and New Phone Numbers

A sample notice to customers, this is a letter announcing your change of business details which includes your new branch location and business phone numbers.

Dear Members,

We have moved to a new location to serve you better:

Brand X Affiliates, LLC
500 North Bay Towers
South Avenue, California

The following phone numbers are now INACTIVE:

You may now call us at our new hotline 1-800-200-200

Beginning 12 March 2010, our customer services division will be handled by CallHelpers Inc. Prior to the turn-over, starting 14 March 2010, our company will be updating the Members Database. So please take this time to log in and update your member information, so that we may maintain accuracy in sending you our latest developments and product updates.

If you have questions, please send us an email through

Thank you for your business!

Customer Support Services