Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sample Pay Raise Letters

This is a collection of effective Request Letters for Salary Increase. Asking for a raise can be tricky, you have to clearly point out why you deserve one and bank on your work performance to bring it in for you. Though some employers will simply ignore this fact, it's up to you to politely remind them to give you what is your due as an employee.

Request Letter for Salary Increase along with Job Transfer

Getting a transfer may mean more responsibilities for you, consider asking for a pay raise before getting into a new branch or department.

An Effective Request Letter: Asking for a Salary Increase Highlight the importance of your skills to the company and get that timely pay increment.

Follow-up Letter on Pay Raise after Probation Period

Its been months after that job interview, have all those promises about the salary adjustment been met?

Request Letter for a Pay Raise

A basic sample letter asking for an employee salary increase

Request Letter to Reduce Work Hours and Demand Over Time Pay
Working late all the time and not getting paid for the excess hours? Let your grievance be known.

Approval of Salary Adjustment An official notice of an employee's pay raise

Thank you Letter to Employer for Granting Pay Raise Don't forget to thank the boss!

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