Monday, May 18, 2009

Complaint Letter: Responding to Employment Termination Threats Due to Pregnancy Leave

Dear Human Resources Officer,

I have been on maternity leave since May 12, 2010 but I recently received a letter from Human Resources stating that my request for my maternity leave was filed too late.

I am also denied the option to take an extended maternity leave as you now require me to return to work on May 20, 2010 or resign immediately by giving your office 30 days notice. I believe this is an unjust move on your behalf, as I have specified before that my doctor has required me to take a maternity leave due to pregnancy complications.

I have also sought legal advice on the matter and I have ascertain that I have properly complied with company policy regarding the time frame of which I filed my notice. Under the laws of this country, I am entitled to 2-3 weeks maternity leave as a regular employee of the company. I have been a loyal employee of Cardanis Soles Inc. for the last six years.

Attached are the copy of my maternity leave documents, a letter from my lawyer regarding my rights as an employee and a mother. Also a document about the recent labor and workplace laws in effect.

I will file for legal action if you will pursue to terminate my employment based solely on my file for maternity leave.

As much as possible, I do not want to subject myself to any stressful scenarios given my condition. I also do not want such an issue to affect my working relationship with the company to which I have been a sincere and hardworking employee.

You may reach me through my contact details and we can meet and settle the matter at hand.

Claudia the Pregnant employee

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