Friday, May 22, 2009

Client Letter: Clarifying Rates and Services

What to do if the client insist on paying less than what was agreed upon? How does one counter this underhanded business move? Send this polite letter to the client stating the correct fees for your service.

Dear Client,

I was a bit confused by our discussion earlier so I made a cross check
to our agreement on the pricing.
Rate Card As Per April 22, 2010
E-mail Subject: 'Prices & Budget'

Products per piece - 10 pieces x $200 = $2000

Full body cast per piece - 10 pieces x $800 = $8000

TOTAL = $10,000

So based on this rate card your bill is at least $10,000. During our meeting, you insisted that the total price was $16,000. I would just like to clarify that based on this email, this is the correct amount we have agreed upon. The price we have set before I proceeded to create the orders last April 22. I also have your signature on the contract.

Please confirm.

Unhappy Businessman

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