Saturday, January 3, 2009

Follow-up on Business Agreement

Dear [Name],

As we discussed last Tuesday, I’m enclosing a copy of our agreement on Project X.

I plan to call you again the week of August, after you have had time to review our product specifications and terms of agreement. I believe our services will greatly improve your business module and technical capabilities, in no time your company will acquire your target ISO certification in the industry.

Let me recap some of the issues we discussed that will have direct impact on your immediate decision:

• Cost factors of ISO implementation
• Quality assurance and checking of outgoing products for defects
• Training requirements for mid-level employees
• The database system that will allow employees to organize and edit all documentation.

In regards to our conversation, you may want to consider taking advantage of this opportunity later in the last season so that your staff will have enough time to undergo full training with our specialists.

I have also asked Roger Henson, our customer liaison, to assist you with any concerns about our product database and services.

I appreciate your interest in our company. I look forward to discussing your needs again in a few weeks.

Best Regards,

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