Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Apology to Client while Refusing Adjustment for Complaint

Dear Sir:

We have received your recent letter concerning the auto services done for you by FastLube Tire Center. Thank you for writing and giving us an opportunity to look into this matter.

Since FastLube Tire Center is one of our franchisees in the metro, your letter is being forwarded to their management office for review. We will give this matter prompt attention, and you may expect to hear from one of our representatives soon.

Mr. Aston Martin, the mechanic and franchise owner whose actions are the basis of your complaint, is an independent businessman whose relationship with FastLube Inc. has been established in compliance with government laws and regulations. As a franchise owner, he is free to hire his own employees, set his own prices, and determine his own operating practices. Claims arising from his center's service and operating practices are solely the responsibility of the franchise owner.

In the meanwhile, I would like to assure you of our interest and concern. We are always anxious to be informed of situations that could adversely affect good relations with our customers.


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