Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thank you Letter to Parents from Grown-up Son

Dear Mom and Pops,

Its been ages and this letter is long overdue. This is something I really need to tell you and before anything else happens, I really want you guys to know how I feel.

Thank you for kicking me out of the house last year. I now realized that it was probably the hardest thing you had to do though it was the most sensible thing you could to do for a 26 year old man-child like me. Getting me out of your roof has done me a lot of good. I love you all the more for it now. Though I was so angry back then, it was just obvious I needed that kind of discipline.

I had a rough start the first few months, no one would take me in for work and I had to live in this flat with three other guys. Worse, they had trust funds and I had nothing. But I remember how grandpa was when he was young, after the war he had nothing too, yet he worked his way till things got better.

I have a job now. A stable one with the classy benefits. I'm finally on my own two feet. Ma and Pa, I would like to do you proud and take you two out for dinner.

Its how grown up I am now.

Your son,

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