Monday, January 18, 2010

Sympathy Letter to a Friend: Get Well Soon

A sympathy and get well letter for a dear friend at the hospital under going recovery.

Dear Ron,

I am very distresed to hear about your current condition. I have been confined for medical treatments for longer periods so I know how it feels like to be in bed all day. I know you are enduring so much pain right now and I pray that you find the inner strength to tide you through your therapy. Stay strong. There are still challenges ahead of you and I mean that on a cheerful note. You still have to see your boy graduate his fall with honors which is such a huge achievement. I always know how proud you are of Sean. So keep that smile on your face and be brave for Sean. He is always a Daddy's boy.

I'll be coming over next week with some of Martha's smoked ham and your favorite blueberry pie. If you wish for anything just let Tess give me a call, I can always get those hard-to-find things you love.

I wish you well, my friend.



cara @ intimeofsorrow said...

Great letter! Thanks for posting.

madhatter said...

Thank you for visiting Cara! :)