Friday, June 12, 2009

Informing Employees of ISO Certification Inspection and Client Visit

To All Employees,

We are expecting an ISO certification accreditation team today at 9am. This is a potential goal that our company is striving to achieve for the year and coincides with our 'We Serve Best' policy. We would like to ask your assistance to ensure that we make a good impression with the said team.

Kindly please make sure that our facility (conference areas, department offices, pantry, training room) including your desks are all clean of clutters or any non-work related materials. Please remove non-regulation materials in your cubicles and computer desktops. Also, kindly maintain OnServe Policies (Punctuality, Urgency and Custom Concern) while inside the office.

Inter-department Managers will ensure team members are properly advised. Compliance to all policies are mandatory for the day.

Upper Management

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