Thursday, November 5, 2009

Letter of Intent for Actors Prior to Film Production

A Letter of Intent can serve as an initial agreement prior to any contract or long term commitment to a project.

Letter of Intent to Avatar Film Productions

In response to your recent inquiry, this will serve as a "Letter of Intent" of "Commitment of Principle" with respect to my possible participation in you project, a feature film entitled "Geriatric Zombie Town" to be shot on location in Ecuador and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at a production date to be determine by principle photography of 6 weeks duration.

Subject to all terms and conditions being satisfactory to all those concerned, subject to my availability and freedom from other professional commitments at that time and subject to my approval of the final screenplay draft, the cast and director or approval thereof by my legal representative.

This letter does not in any way, shape or form commit the undersigned or his agents, whosoever, in participation of your film. Unless and until a formal contract, drawn by and between the undersigned on one hand, and your duly authorized representative on the other, said contract to be executed under the existing rules and regulations of the guild under the time of signing.

Truly Yours,
Hawthorne HardChops

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