Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sample Letter of Commendation to Staff

A sample recognition letter to the team or department. Congratulations are in order when your marketing and sales force delivers well above expectations.

Dear Mr. Perkins and Staff,

I want to congratulate you and your entire division for your unrivaled efforts and hardwork on the Brand X account. We’ve never had a customer more satisfied with our metrics results and performance. 

After the contract was signed, Brand X Limited’s CEO Harvey Salzburg expressed his confidence in our team by stating, “We are very confident in your capabilities. Your Staff has effectively reached out to our target audience at such a high frequency considering the short timeframe given. We couldn't possibly imagine what more you could do given the proper amount of time for media planning. We only expect the best from you." 

Again, we at Team MarketBest would like to say Thank You for all your hard work. This is just the beginning of a very good year for us and we are very happy to have such a wonderful, enthusiastic and dedicated team on board this account. 

Stephen Flanks

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