Thursday, February 10, 2011

Letter Home to Parents on Valentine's Day

This Valentine's Day don't forget to write your parents a love letter, tell them how much you them and give them a nice surprise too.

Dear Mama and Papa,

When I was little, I used to come home from school on Valentine's day with a red cardboard heart. Do you remember those? I would make two hearts because I love both of you the same way.

I didn't give out my Valentine card to any special girl in class because I remember how I felt back then- that you guys deserve all the hearts I could ever cut out with my small fingers.

Now today, I'm sending you my love and yes, another cardboard cutout for the two of you. But a rather special one since both of you can go get something nice for a change, so please do leave the house on Valentine's day and do something special :)

I love you guys so much!


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