Sunday, January 22, 2012

Annulment Letter: Public Announcement of Divorce

Before this court is a petition for the Declaration of Nullity of Marriage with Prayer for Support Pendenti Lite filed by herein petitioner [Insert Name of Petitioner], a resident of [Insert Address here], against herein respondent, [Insert Name of Respondent], with residence and postal address [Insert Address], on the ground of psychological incapacity to comply with the essential marital obligations towards his wife and his children, with the following reliefs prayed for, to wit:

1. During the pendency of the case:
I. To order the respondent to provide monthly support to his two minor children in an amount in keeping with their needs;

II. After trial on the merits, judgement be rendered:

2. Declaring the marriage as Null and Void from the very beginning;

3. Dissolving the Absolute Community Property Regime of the spouses and ordering the respondent to permanently support their children with an amount necessitated by their needs; and

4. Granting other reliefs which may be deemed just and reasonable within the premises.

Pursuant to A.M. No. 02-11-10-SC, Section 6(1), considering that the respondent can not be located at his given address or his whereabouts are unknown and can not be ascertained by diligent inquiry, let this Order be published in a newspaper of general circulation within the Philippines for two (2) consecutive weeks and a copy hereof be served on the respondent on his last known address by registered mail or personal service within (30) days from receipt thereof, all at the expense of the petitioner.

Herein respondent is directed to file his answer within (30) days from the last publication of this instant order.


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