Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Letter to Niece

If you're a loving aunt or uncle looking to say something heartfelt to a niece, you can start by saying something as sweet as this letter:
Dear Sabrina,

I'm happy you're having a wonderful time at school and I'm truly proud of your special achievement this year. You're mom is so proud of you. Yeah, she told everyone the good news. Well, you know what? That makes me a proud aunt of a very bright and talented niece. Talent truly runs in this family. We love you Mary Robin. Thank you for being a good girl and for looking after your siblings when you're mom gets home very tired from work. You my little girl are her rock and both of you are lucky to have each other everyday.

I'm sending you a little present in the mail.

Warm hugs,
Aunt Juliet

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