Monday, January 18, 2016

Letter to Send When Customers Stop Doing Business with a Company

Good customer service to loyal clients should be your utmost priority. So what do you do when a customer stops doing business with you? Maybe you've missed something, and it would be better to find the grievance and sort out the complaints. Once you know what the trouble is, you will be in a good position to handle the matter accordingly and improve your business workflow.

Any good business can't afford to lose its best customers, so here's a cold sales letter or a letter of interest asking why the purchases stopped coming:

Dear Mr. Jonas,

We have missed you!

We at Blue Ribbon Retail are indeed concerned when a client with an excellent account such as yours haven't been much at the shop. Would it be presumptuous to ask why?

We have always done our best to handle all our clients and accounts with utmost respect and courtesy. Certainly, an account as important to us as yours should receive the best possible service. Won't you, therefore, please tell us why you have stopped doing business with us?

We highly regard you as a loyal customer, and if there is anything that caused you to stop giving us your orders, we want to know what it is and rectify the matter.

Do email us anytime or call us at 555-7813-001.

Very truly yours,
Marketing Manager

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