Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Letter for DFA Passport Appointment - Request for Confirmation Code for DFA Appearance

Dear Sir,

I completed my online appointment application on the DFA Philippines website today July 26, so I can have an appointment on September 2 2016 in DFA Aseana. However, I have no received any confirmation email or Appointment number. I have checked my spam and junk mail as well. As much as I want to cancel the previous application the website says I should input my appointment code. As I do not have the confirmation or reference number because there is no DFA email to confirm this - I cannot do anything about my passport application status. I have called the hotline numerous times, both DFA and APO Productions, but there seems to be no one taking in any calls. Is there any official DFA advisory on the matter? My employer has booked my flight for October and it is important that I not lose my work contract. I just really need the appointment code so I can still make in time for my flight.

Thank you for any information you may extend to me in resolving this unfortunate situation.
Martin Tomasino Cruz

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