Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sample Price Proposal and Quotation Letter

Dear Mr. Augustine,

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to bid on the Marina Reservoir. We are willing to enter into a 6-year contract, but reserve the right to review the pricing structure after 3 years.

We are pleased to submit the following bid quotation:

• Breakwater Barriers - $130,000,000
• Installation of Concrete Fixtures- $20,000,000
• Quality Maintenance and Standards Upkeep (6 years)- $20,000,000

These quotation prices are for services and construction pre-fabs delivered in accordance with the project's timetable. Plus any state applicable taxes are included in our pricing proposal.

All future prices will be those in effect the day of shipment, Free on Board destination. Our credit terms are 60% percent upon execution of contract and 40% percent upon delivery.

Please feel to get in touch with me at 555-7868 about any of the specifics of this quotation. Again, thank you for considering Amsted Associates for your largescale development projects.

Best Regards,
Marc Reynolds

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Chin said...

haw to write the quotation to the company we want to maintanance services for air-conditional for every month and want to write down must contract one year..