Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Mother's Letter to her Children: Saying Sorry for Losing Custody

This is indeed a difficult letter to write, but I hope it helps all moms out there with custody issues. Never give up hope on your children and never hold yourself back from letting them know how you feel.

My Dearest Children,

I'm sorry for the lost years. Life has not been kind to me. I lost you both when you were very young. I was very ill at that time and very broke. I was at the mercy of strangers who would take pity on my condition. For that you both suffered, for I couldn't give you the care and love you both deserve. My mental illness had caused me to neglect what I loved most. I am thankful however at that very tough time, your Nana was there to take you in. For that I am grateful to her.

Losing custody of you both was the hardest. But now to lose your love and respect totally would be devastating.

I do not know what they have told you about me all these years. I have nothing to say against the people who cared for you and brought you up. But to be fair, I hope you could give me a chance to tell you my side of the story. For I love you, my children more than anything in the world. It breaks my heart every time just to relive these memories of going on for years without you both by my side.

I wouldn't do anything to upset your life now. My only fervent wish is if that they would allow me to see you, I just would like a chance to talk. I miss you both so much. I am so proud of both of you for being strong and very smart for your age. I only ask for your understanding and forgiveness.

All these years I have tried everything in my will to provide and send my love. I've tried with all my strength to conquer this illness. I never gave up on the hope that one day I will hold you both in my arms again.

All my love,

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