Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sample Invitation Letter to Particpant

Dear Mildred,

As a volunteer member of the Craft Fair, please join us on March 24 (Saturday) on our visit to the Art Deco Emporium at Rochester Hills.

Get to see and experience the art of woodwork and woodcut printing. Meet the community members who are skilled in Japanese wood cut & calligraphy and see first-hand how the products are made. As a gift, you'll get to bring home the woodcut fabric print you get to make.

Our meeting place and drop-off point is at Costco on 5th Avenue. Transportation and food for participants will be taken care of. Please RSVP on or before March 15, kindly email artdeco@info.com. Please include your name and mobile number so we can easily coordinate.

Thanks and looking forward to your participation!

Calachuchi Campbell

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