Friday, August 21, 2015

Appeal Letter for Inmate Visitation

Dear Honorable Warden Jones,

I recently received the notice that I have been denied for visitation, and I would like to go through the proper appeals process in order to see my son Sam Smith who is incarcerated at your facility.

With this, I am aware that you know about my background and my misdemeanors in the past are most likely what set off me being turned down for a visit. These happened a very long time ago when I was a juvenile. However, I would like to clarify and submit the proper documentation from the courts that these charges have long been dismissed and settled.

I would like to respectfully ask your kind office to reconsider my appeal for a visit as I haven't seen my son in over a decade. I work as a shop clerk for a leather repair shop in West County, I have no history of violence and with my severe arthritis, I am in no way a threat to the community or to anyone. I have not the physical strength or the intention to harm anyone, this is just to assure you I am not a security risk to your facility.

I do hope you could reconsider my visitation request. It would help my son's well-being if he could see family and know that we support his rehabilitation.



Request Letter for Prison Visit


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