Friday, September 25, 2015

Looking for an Old Friend Letter

Looking for an old classmate or acquaintance just in time for a reunion? Try this letter:

Dear Friends,

I am looking for an old classmate of ours- Peter Smith. Any idea where he is now? I met him in high school as part of the football team. But the old guards don't know where he is now. We lost touch when we went to college. You may remember him as 'Big Boy Petey' and yes, he dated Mirabelle, the charming cheerleader which we know now as Lady Cross from Beau Heights. Petey was such a nice and friendly guy. Any leads?

For the upcoming reunion, Louis and Carmelo plan to fly in so we could all get together for Petey. Louis as you know has ALS and would like to see everyone as much as he could while he's doing great at the moment. Right Louis?

So if anyone knows, please ring me up.


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