Sunday, May 21, 2017

Job Leave Letter for Child's Graduation: Excuse Letter for Graduation Ceremony

Dear Human Resources Manager,

I would like to be excuse this Thursday, May 26. I will not be reporting for work as it is my son's college graduation. I have filed for the proper leave process months before, and I have yet to receive confirmation if my leave dates have been processed. Please do advise soonest - I have been very cooperative and by the book on this, even sending you the graduation invites and details. In fact, I have not even acquired any of the 13 day allowable vacation leaves allotted by the company for the year, and for this very personal reason, I would like to claim or use one of these vacation leaves.

If my leave is not permitted. I'm afraid I will still not be available for work on that date, I am sorry, but I will be there for my son's special day. Please deduct the necessary fees from my wages or inform me asap of any disciplinary measure I am due to face for taking the leave of absence.


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