Friday, May 26, 2017

Happy Birthday Daughter Letter

My Dearest,

Wow! I just can't believe that my baby girl is turning 14 today! It's getting harder each year to come up with something original to say on your birthday! There are no words to describe how Mommy feels when it comes to talking about you, but I'm gonna try. And just starting this, brings tears of joy! Crazy, I know!

Do know my love that you have the best traits of me and your dad, but you are also you're own unique individual and you dare to be just you! And in this day and age that's hard to do. You are also an unselfish and giving sister to your younger siblings, you share what little we have to those around you that need it, and that too is rare these days. You never cease to amaze me! Stay true to all the positive things that make you - YOU!

So to the Princess of my heart, my baby girl, my side kick, my goofy, funny, sweet, kind, super smart and loving daughter - You make all my troubles melt away just by seeing that pretty little face of yours - I love you beyond words!

You told me once that you wouldn't know what you would do without me in your life, but the truth is I feel the same way. You and I we share a bond that is blessed and indescribable and true. And your smile completes my day!

Honey, I will love you beyond my last breath and I will always be here to protect you and guide you no matter what. Have a fantastic and Happy 14th Birthday!


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