Monday, January 26, 2009

Lovelorn Letter

Dear [Name],

“I have decided”, she emailed last night.
This ends my pursuing of Margaret. Sadly, she turned down my proposal.

I’m gonna miss the friend that I have in her. What really sucks when this kind of thing happens is that you’ll no longer spend time with one another like you used to.

Similar to friends who part because one has to go to another place, say abroad or to another city or the province, the same goes when one decides to be with somebody else. Suddenly you don’t see each other. Suddenly no calls, no messages, no nothing.

I think anywhere you’d ask, it’s always saddening, no longer spending time with people you have established close connections with. And if statistics would apply in our case, the chances of maintaining the relationship is quite slim. But let’s see. I’m always hopeful (and this differs from expecting)., if you know anyone who’s single, beautiful, interesting and yes, a woman! (mind you) let me know, I'm available!


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