Monday, January 26, 2009

Notice of End of Contract

Dear [Name],

We write in relation to your Trustees funded project entitled - "Signal Relays, Visually Acute Typography on Spatial Design"

We would like to remind you that the Memorandum of Agreement for your project has already expired. To date, despite our reminders that you request for an extension, you have not submitted any.

Nonetheless, if your project is already completed, kindly submit the necessary documentation including the full liquidation of your grant no later than the 16 March 2010. If it is still ongoing, please submit a sample of your work in progress, a status report and a request for Memorandum of Agreement extension. However, we strongly advise that you complete your film project no later than the month of April 2010.

Further, please be informed that due to the extended implementation period for this project, the balance of your grant was already reverted to the National Treasury, thus the release of your final tranche would be delayed.

We would appreciate your attention and compliance on this matter.

Should you have questions or clarifications, you may call the Trustees Board at 2556280 send email at


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