Monday, May 11, 2009

A Letter for Mom

Dear Mom,

Now that I've outgrown giving you cards on special holidays. I want to take you out some place special.

I remember when I was seven, you picked me up from school and I showed you how bad my grades were. I remember you being furious at me, but still you managed to take me out for ice cream. We spent half the day at the marina feeding these gulls, you talked me into doing better at school then. Well, I did eventually. And the small successes I've made on my own, I owe it all to YOU - my loving mom.

Mom, I want to celebrate today like that special day years ago in the marina. Just you and me. I'm taking you out for a seafood brunch, I know how you love the deep-fried shrimps and oysters there. And no, I am not taking dad with us. He understands this occasion is just for you. And yes, you can give me a real long sermon, I probably need one by now. I feel I've given so little back to you.

Thank you for giving me and my sister so much in life. For always being there and worrying over the smallest things that we might do or might not do. But one thing, you've always taught us well is to always do the right thing.

I love you, Mom! I am so lucky to be your son!


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