Thursday, December 10, 2009

Letter Seeking Donations for Homeless Shelter this Christmas

A Christmas Letter Seeking Donations from Local Community

Dear Friend,

The real spirit of Christmas is in giving and sharing.

Christmas, most of the time, is expressed with expensive gifts like the latest gadgets, toys, bags, shoes and fashionable items. But these gifts, after a time, get old and discarded. Why not give a gift that lasts? That benefits many of our brothers in the community.

This coming Christmas season, the Shelter For Many Welfare House is need of your donations. We are in need of winter clothes for the homeless - sweaters, boots, socks, warmers, mitts and blankets. Let that special sweater grandma made last year out of the closet. I'm sure you weren't brave enough to wear it in front of your friends, anyway. Or share that old pair of boots you once wore, but now forgot about. We all have our excesses. Let your old things have new meaning in someone else's life.

The Shelter For Many accepts donations 24/7. You may leave your gifts at our centers or at the Church of Saint Titus in North Bay.For more information, call 555-8374900-555 or e-mail

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Anonymous said...

I came across to this page and I'm happy reading this blogs. I hope many people will support this cause to help people in need.