Saturday, December 12, 2009

Reminder Letter to Candidates Taking Licensure Exams

Dear Candidates,

The license exam is scheduled tomorrow, Tuesday 9am- 11am.

Here are some reminders before taking the test, please take note of the following:

• You will take a profiling assessment that would be use for training and development purposes. The result of the exam will, in no way, affect your current employment status. However, we are requesting you to answer each question as honestly as possible.

• Please put your cellular phone in silent mode or turn it off. You will not be permitted to use your cell phone once you enter the testing area.

• Before taking the test, you are required to complete the online application form.

• You will be taking the following exams with specific time limit:
    Skills Index - approximately 1 ½ hours
    Cognitive Index - 20 minutes

• When prompted by the computer program, type the following information:
    usename: tests
    password: 1234exam

• Read the instructions carefully.

• Please make sure that you answer ALL items presented to you. You will not be allowed to go back to any part after you move on to the next question. All the questions are multiple choice and you will only need to select ONE ANSWER PER QUESTION. 

• Once you select an answer, you will automatically proceed to the next item.

• Be conscious of your time. 

• You are not allowed to use calculator to solve math problems. Use the paper provided by the test administrator.

If you have any questions or concerns, a proctor will be present at all times to answer you and also to monitor your progress. Kindly direct all of your concerns to the assigned proctor and not to anyone else.

Please save this information for future reference.

Thank you and Good Luck!


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