Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Asking Mom for Extra Allowance Letter

Plead your case for extra cash with mom. Remember the trick to get a bigger allowance is to always ask nicely and reasonably. Do present yourself as a responsible kid and not a greedy one that will just blow their hard earned paycheck on useless stuff. Your parents work hard for a living, show them that you're worth the money spent.

Dear Mom,

I know money's tight right now. But what I'm getting right now is not enough for snacks or lunch or let alone buying supplies I need for my school projects.

I know this is not the right time to ask, but I'm asking anyway, I need an upgrade in my allowance, I hope could spare me an extra amount as an extra incentive. I promise to do better at school and behave better when at home. Just to let you know and not to make you worry, I plan to spend the money wisely, only on things that are important. We can talk about it.

I love you.


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