Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sorry Letter for Bad Joke and Offensive Comments

Dear Ben,

It breaks my heart that you are hurting because of the things I said. I would do anything in the world to take it back.

I do understand now with a clear head that the things I said that day were very offensive, incredibly demeaning and outright rude. That those nasty words that came out of my mouth were not a joke. Or in any way the least bit funny. I now understand that it was out of line.

You know me on my better days, I am not that kind of person. But like anyone on this planet, I can fail miserably and be a really awful person anyway. I suck as a human being. There's no excuse for what I've done and said. It was a bad thing, a terrible thing. You are my dear friend and I would give anything to say sorry to you in person. But before anything else, I would also like to say sorry to your family or anyone else hurt and affected by those words I said.

Forgive me.


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