Saturday, July 25, 2015

I Quit: An Emotional Resignation Letter

Dear William,

Sometimes it takes a moment to realize what we want in life. I need a long break, just my priorities. I'm done always fighting for a spot when I know being here for such a long time now, I deserve that spot without asking for it. I've done the time and turned in superb reports which you often noted.

You know William, learning to walk away is hard but staying around waiting for God-knows-what is much harder. I'm quitting not because something went wrong. I'm quitting because I've tried my best, my hardest and none of my efforts made anything better or sadly, matter. The people around here will only lend a hand as long as it benefits them.I'm through letting this job define me or my happiness. So goodbye, I wish you guys well. I'm turning in my final report in at the end of the day.


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