Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Apology Letter to Client for Poor Customer Service

Dealing with complaints is not just being diplomatic to an irate customer, you are also trying to practice fairness, not taking sides between the customer and your employee. Determine all the facts if the complaints are justified. Here is a sample letter on how to address a customer complaint with a recourse for disciplinary action regarding the staff involved in the incident:

Dear Customer,

Your letter about the poor service you received in our store comes as a great disappointment to us because it clearly indicates the need to supervise our sales people more carefully.

We have spoken to our staff and the sales person in question. We have given him a formal warning that a repetition of the said incident will cost him his job. For now, he is currently suspended and will undergo re-training.We have also used your letter as a subject for a meeting with our retail people to impress upon them the effect of careless and disinterested attitude.

We regret the incident, but we feel taht there is nothing more we can do.

Very truly yours,
Marketing Manager

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