Friday, May 13, 2016

Follow Up Letter on Promotion and Pay Raise Status

Dear HR Manager,

Good day! I am John Krass from Marketing which you've hired about 3 years ago.I believe the HR Officer assigned with my hiring back then was Lucy Dawkins, I am aware she had left the company around six months ago. Her last email to me was that my contract is up for re-negotiation, also since then, I have been promoted to Level 2 Assistant Clerk in terms of duties, the position upgrade was even announced in internal memos.

In line with this, and it has been 2 months since my promotion announcement, I would like to follow up on my promotion and pay raise status. I believe its about time we have something in writing, I wouldn't mind signing a work contract again with my pay grade and work duration properly stated. This will also help clarify the records and the organizational order within the marketing department.

I have also informed my immediate supervisor about this matter and he has advised me to write this letter and send it directly to your office.

Hope you could advise on the matter as soon as possible.

Thank you,

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