Sunday, September 13, 2015

Letter Requesting Company Renewal of Iqama

Any foreign individual working in Saudi Aarabia (Pakistani, Filipino, Indonesian, American) are required to secure an IQAMA, a work permit and residency card. Having an Iqama means you are legally allowed to work in the country and the Saudi goverment requires the company to secure health insurance for its workers in renewal of the iqama. That said, it is the responsibility of the company who hired you to apply for or secure your Iqama.

Dear Sir,

I am Jazlyn Besharmud, I have been working the Accounting department as a Field Cashier for over two years now. My Employee number is 267 and my Passport No is 12246464-555-555. My Iqama is expiring on Novemeber 24, 2018 and I would like to formally request our company Wahed Mohd Enterprises to renew my Iqama before the expiry date.

Please note that should include the health insurance fee as part of the renewal, this was stated in my job contract which I signed with the recruitment agency. As you know, I cannot work at your shops in rotation if my iqama is expired, I would like to spare the company any penalties it might incur with immigration.

At this point, I do not understand the delay of my Iqama, as I have sent numerous request through the proper channels within the company. If the company no longer requires my services, please let me know so I can secure a proper exit visa before my Iqama expires.


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