Sunday, September 13, 2015

Request for Leniency Letter: Character Reference Letter for Judge Example

When writing a character reference for a judge, think about how know you well that person and what's makes him a possible positive member of the community. Describe his upbringing, his best character traits, his good behavior, how long you've known the person and how the incident has change his life.

Keep the character letter for court  in a formal and respectful tone, but always remember to make it personal and thoughtful. You do not want to present at template letter, you want the judge to feel that you really know this person and that he deserves a second chance.


Here's a sample character reference example for the judge:

Dear Judge Jeremiah,

My name is Wendy Saul. I have been living in Nasau County with my husband Jim Saul and our three children for 22 years.

In those 22 years, we have been friends with Leslie Ann Baker and Harvey Baker for 18 years. We met them the first day they've moved in as neighbors. Our children and their children are very close.

Your honor, I am writing this letter in behalf of the Saul family particularly for their son, Nesbitt Saul. We would like to attest that Nesbitt is a wonderful and respectful young man, we have seen him grow up before eyes and we have known him as a very kind individual who is very considerate of others. The Saul family has been through trying times especially after Wendy's surgery, she has suffered from a blood clot which has rendered the left side of her body paralyzed. All her children live in the city now and only Nesbitt has chosen to stay to care for Wendy. He has supported his mother even through her period of physical therapy. In fact, I would like to stress that Nesbitt takes great care of his mother. His daily tasks of feeding, washing and clothing her, is mainly what his life was about. As you can imagine Wendy is really distraught over the events that led to Nesbitt's arrest.

We believe Nesbit has duly served his time in both jail and community service. We believe Wendy really needs her son back now more than ever.

We would like to ask that you consider our request for leniency when you make your decision as to his sentencing. We pray that you find it in your heart to give Nesbitt a second chance.

I sincerely appreciate your consideration in this matter.

Wendy Saul

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