Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Wedding Anniversary Letter: Love Letter to Wife

Dear Wife

Looking back to this wonderful day, four years ago, my life took a different turn. I made a vow to share it with someone very special. We went through a lot, the good and the bad together, hand in hand. We had our best days in each other's arms and we weathered the tough ones head on, knowing we had each other's back. 

Now after four years of married life, we might seem like the regular old married couple, only richer and much blessed to have four little miracles - Ada, Maya, James and Hartley. All born out of our love.

You know what dear? I love, admire, respect you - the love of my life - as I did when I first met you that rainy night on that busy street waiting for taxi ride. I'm glad I flagged you a cab and I'm crazy thankful that you offered to share it with me. We were fortunately headed the same way. And up until now, we're still headed the same direction together, in fact this is theone ride that I will see through the end with you. I am not afraid to grow old with you Maggie, my sweet. I look forward to the years to come, the merry memories, the Christmases and the summers and the slew of storms we will very much face together with our hearts strong. My dear wife, you are my rock and I love you!

Happy Anniversary!

Much love,

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