Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Performance Rating Letter on Employee

Probationary employment refers to an employee being place on a six month probationary period before being offered a contract of regular employment or a regular position in the company with benefits.

Here's a letter citing critical factors in the work performance of a probationary employee.

Dear Human Resources Manager,

Chesca Martin was able to sustain an excellent performance on several large project activities. She proactively recognizes opportunities to respond to all customer inquiry issues while displaying polite behavior toward clientele in manner of speech and actions. She has consistently arrived at work on time and completed assigned responsibilities before her deadlines. She is also technically skilled in a number of accounting and SaaS softwares.

She has performed above expectations during her six month probationary period. I would like to recommend that you proceed with hiring her as a full time employee for regularization.

Thank you,

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